Just tried Not Your Mom's Apple Pie for the first time today ... you have another winner! Delicious, we are true fans!!

Amen Drahos

Just tried Not Your Mom's Apple Pie and Iced Tea. I'm hooked. Will be my beverages for the summer.

Brian Kunkel

I just want to stop and say thank you to Small Town Brewery for helping me end the day and start an amazing weekend.

Damond Nollan

I love not your father's root beer!!!!

Daniel Joseph

I don't drink at all. When I do, it's this stuff.

Jaclyn White

My new drink of choice.

James Moore

Just had your Not Your Father's Ale. Damn you guys did it again! This stuff is absolutely amazing. Keep up the awesome work.

James Williams

Still Love Root beer the most ... but now my fridge is filled with Small Town brews! Vanilla cream, Ginger ale, Iced Tea, Strawberry Rhubarb, and Apple Pie. I love Small Town brewery beers. Plan to Fill my Cooler with All the available flavors for my August Wedding!

Marta Smith

Not your mom's apple pie is the most amazing drink ever put out, you people know you stuff keep it up I'm a apple pie guy for life!!!!!!!!

Michael Kehoe

Not gonna lie...the iced tea, is pretty tasty!! Hope it sticks around for a long time!!

Mike Uher

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